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Erika Wiley For Judge

Connected To Our Community
Committed To Justice

Ericka Wiley For Judge

Seat No. 48

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Ericka Wiley

"Wiley, a deputy public defender, is a standout. Her demeanor is calm but commands respect, and makes her well-suited to the bench."


Ericka Wiley has worked as a Deputy Public Defender for more than 20 years in Los Angeles, representing clients in criminal cases with charges ranging from misdemeanors to capital crimes. She has worked as deputy in charge, supervising other lawyers and is passionate about finding solutions for her clients which offer alternatives to incarceration and ways to better their lives.


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She is running on the tenents of:

...criminal justice reform, fair sentencing and ending the cycle of mass incarceration.


Her efforts have always been rooted in service to her community. If elected, she is committed to bring to her work as a Superior Court Judge the same dedication and passion she has brought to supporting her family and local community.

As a woman of color, a mother, and the wife of an immigrant, Ericka is uniquely familiar with the struggles and circumstances which bring many into the court system. She will be a part of the solution to ensure access, justice, and better outcomes for us all.

Ericka is dedicated to...


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