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As a judge of the L.A County Superior Court, patience fairness and integrity will guide my decisions. I will work to ensure that irrespective of background, all who appear in my court are given a fair opportunity to be heard.

I have worked as a Los Angeles County Deputy Public Defender for more than 23 years. My experience includes advocacy in thousands of felony and misdemeanor cases. I have conducted more than 100 felony, misdemeanor and juvenile trials. I have supervised and trained other lawyers as a Deputy in Charge.

Experience has shown me that in order to protect the public, we must provide those who suffer from mental illness, homelessness and drug addiction with the support and resources to improve their lives, and ultimately live in a way that ensures that we are all safe.

I am dedicated to criminal justice reform, fair sentencing and ending the cycle of mass incarceration.


My efforts have always been rooted in service to my community. I have donated countless hours assisting individuals to expunge their records after incarceration, and I’ve volunteered with L.A. County’s Parks After Dark program educating youth in the community about their rights, and how to have safe interactions with police.

I am one of six children raised by a single mother in South Central Los Angeles. I attended public schools in Inglewood and later graduated with honors from Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee. I earned my law degree at the University of Cincinnati.

If elected, I am committed to bring to my work as a Superior Court Judge the same dedication and passion I bring to supporting my family and local community.


As a woman of color, a mother, and the wife of an immigrant, I am uniquely familiar with the struggles and circumstances which bring many into the court system.

I will be a part of the solution to ensure access, justice, and better outcomes for us all.


Ericka Wiley
Ericka Wiley and Family

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